Popular Lacoste Perfumes For Women


Lacoste is a French fashion house founded in 1993 by Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier. The brand sells everything from clothes and shoes to sunglasses, watches and perfumes. For those who think they have never heard of Lacoste, let me freshen your memories. Every item produced by Lacoste is featured by the company’s green crocodile logo. Remember now! Why crocodile you may ask.

Rene Lacoste was born in France in 1904, and was a respected tennis player, known to everyone as a Crocodile, because of his determination and stubbornness present on the the tennis court. Andre Gillier was at the time the president of the largest knitwear brand in France. Together they created La Chemise Lacoste, and were first focused on producing the white tennis T-shirts Rene was wearing at the court.

Very soon the company expanded fast and started producing the whole line of sports clothing. However, Lacoste is today not only a renowned fashion brand recognizable by the crocodile logo, but is also a trend-setter in the perfume industry. The first Lacoste perfume was launched in 1984. Since, a series of Lacoste perfume for both men and women have been introduced. Today Lacoste perfume line has in its base 34 fragrances offered in alliance with Procter & Gamble. Here are few of the most popular and most sought-after Lacoste perfume for women. Continue reading