What is Mil-spec and How Does it Differ from Standard Civilian Equipment


Whether you’re a serious backpacker, ex-military or a day-tripper, you know the importance of good equipment. Equipment that holds up to the harsh conditions that come with staying in the wilderness for more than a day is hard to come by according to some, but this is because most haven’t realized how important the mil-spec (equipment that holds up to military specifications) is. The gear that soldiers use is tested through rigorous trials, the result is equipment that is lightweight durable and it can be sealed when the need arises. Continue reading


Cycle Helmet: The Only Way to Properly Keep Your Head Protected While Cycling

Cycling Helmet

A cycle helmet is an essential part of cycling gear. According to reports, thousands of bicycle injuries require emergency care every year. If you want to prevent becoming one of these statistics, you should always wear an adult cycle helmet while riding your bike.

This piece of cycling equipment helps protect one the most vulnerable parts of your body – your head. In addition to protecting your head from injury if you fall off your bike, a good adult cycle helmet also provides a balance of coverage, ventilation and comfort. Great measures have been taken by designers to improve the comfort level offered by this gear, and today, aside from being available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes, adult cycle helmets also come with a variety of padding that helps customize the internal fit and feel of the helmet.

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Holistic Approaches Take Over: Herbal Supplements That Make the Cut

Herbs of Gold

While many fitness enthusiasts associate supplementation with popular supplements such as creatine, whey and protein, few have heard about herbal supplements and their amazing health effects. Plants have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties for both medical and health purposes, so herbs are considered as some of the earliest supplements in history. In the past herbal blends were used to heal ancient warriors and athletes and restore their strength after battle. Nowadays, these natural supplements are available as powders, teas, pills and tinctures. Some of the most commonly used herbs in the world of fitness and bodybuilding include arnica, green tea, bilberry, dandelion, raspberry leaf, wild yam root, etc.Herbs of Gold

Which herbal product would work best for you will mainly depend on your fitness level and your specific body goals. Some supplements are used to improve the overall wellbeing, while other have more specific uses such as to help you lose weight, boost energy, speed up metabolism, remove fatty acids and so on. It’s important to mention that no herbal supplement will magically shred that extra fat off your body. Having a great exercise plan and eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for reaching your body. However, the right supplement can aid your weight loss regime by boosting your energy and supporting your immune system. For instance, olive leaf is know for its ability to provide powerful support to the immune system. This powerful antioxidant has been used in the past an antimicrobial remedy to aid in the treatment of cold, flu and various infections. Continue reading

The Main Functions of Dive Computers and How to Choose One

dive-computersDiving equipment has improved a lot in the past few years. There are many advanced devices that are designed to make this thrilling sport a lot more safer and enjoyable. One such device is the dive computer which is an essential piece of equipment for both beginners and experienced divers alike. When you’re diving, especially when descending deeper into the water there is more pressure which can cause nitrogen to quickly dissolve into your body’s tissues. When a large amount of nitrogen has dissolved into the body, the diver can experience a condition know as decompression sickness. In many cases this would not have very harmful effects, but there are cases when decompression sickness can cause serious health problems such as paralysis or circulatory shock. That’s why is very important to maintain dissolved nitrogen levels within normal limits to avoid getting decompression sickness. This is where the use of dive computers can make a huge difference Continue reading

BCAA Supplements – Muscles Need Protein, Feed Them Properly

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are great for both bodybuilders, who are looking to put on mass, as well as fitness enthusiasts who want to shred off some body fat while keep as much muscle as possible. They can be particularly helpful when you’re trying to build muscle mass while on a low-calorie diet. When you’re reducing your calorie intake your body can go into a state know as catabolism. This basically means that your body will be breaking down tissue instead of making it to provide energy for the cells.Amino Acids Bcaa Supplements

To pack on healthy muscles the body should be repairing and building tissue and this is known as anabolic state. The muscle loss that occurs during the catabolic state is due to the body’s tendency to use a lot of amino acids as an energy source when not supplied with enough calories. So there are not many amino acids left for the process of protein synthesis, which is essential for building muscles. Put simply, for muscle gain to occur the rate of protein synthesis in your body should be greater than the one of protein breakdown. This is where amino acids Bcaa supplements can make all the difference since they’re very effective at stimulating protein synthesis. They can also boost your exercise performance and prevent fatigue that happens due to extensive training.

The group of BCAAs consists of the three essential amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine. Each of these has a molecular structure that resembles a branch hence the name branched chain amino acids. What makes amino acids Bcaa supplements so effective and unique is the way they’re metabolized in the body. While most of the amino acids are broken down in the liver, BCAAs are metabolized mainly in the muscle tissue. This means that muscles can quickly use them as fuel for creating energy for the body’s cells. Let’s take a look at the effects each of the three amino acids can have on your performance. Continue reading

Get Your Kids Inline Skates & Let the Fun Begin

Inline skates is a fun sport and hobby for people all ages, and it is fun and safe for kids even at a young age. The question many parents have when buying their child their first pair of inline skates is what kind of inline skates for kids should I get for my child?

Inline skates are designed with 4 wheels placed directly behind each other in 1 line, hence the name ‘inline skates’. They allow for a faster, smooth ride requiring much less effort. Inline skates for kids are made in smaller sizes and come with boots designed to fit child’s feet and ankles – this ensures the child’s stability and confidence on the skate. There are four main types of inline skates for kids available on the market.


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Xmas Spirit on Wheels: Kids Get a Kick Out of Kick Scooters

We all know how toys are important for children’s growing up and development. They are essential tools for developing and improving their physical and mental skills and can sure make a child happy. We also know that the toy industry overflows with a broad spectrum of colorful toys for kids at any age, which makes confusing for parents to know what to get for their child as a birthday, Christmas, and another occasion present. With Christmas around the corner, you may be probably wondering what to buy for your kid, right? Have you consider a kick scooter?

A great alternative to the standard bicycle, kick scooters are lightweight, quick, versatile and ideal for exploring the neighborhood or meeting up with friends. Kick scooters Australia retailers offer a wide range of styles, including the traditional style and the tricycle style, all available in multiple sizes and different colours.


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