The Benefits of Pet Boarding Services & How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Pet Boarding Australia

You’re about to embark on that long awaited holiday where you can rest properly and recharge your batteries, but leaving your furry friend behind makes you stressed and worried. After all you would want your dog to receive the best care, while you’re enjoying your time away sunbathing on the beach and drinking refreshing beverages. Some pet owners like to take their pets with them while travelling abroad and although this may sound like a great idea, once you consider all the paperwork you need to prepare it becomes clear that travelling with your dog can be even more stressful and hectic than leaving your trusted companion behind. What’s more, you have to find an airline that provides pet travel and even when you find one, pet restrictions in hotels and restaurants can ruin what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing holiday. That’s why finding someone to take care of your dog during your absence is a much better option than pet travel.

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Pet Transport: Can we Turn it from Grumpy to Comfy?

Pet Transport Ground

You are moving to another state and of course your dog is coming with you, he’s part of the family after all. When you have to move your furry little friend to another state the first question that comes to mind is how you can make the whole process safe and comfortable for your pet? Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this article we will discuss some important things you should know about pet transport. When you have to relocate your pup between states, using the pet transport ground option is the best solution ad here is why. When compared to air travel, ground transport will be a lot more comfortable for your pet. This can even be an entertaining experience for your dog, if it’s used with traveling by car. Even if your pet has traveled by car before, it’s important to prepare it well for the whole relocation process.

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4 Dog Breeds That Will Warm Your Heart

cutest dog breeds

All dogs are cute, but it’s a fact that some are admittedly cuter. Here are the 4 cutest dog breeds that will make you want at least one, right now.

Dogs, they are the the best of a friend a man can have, with big hearts full of love for their owner, and of course vice versa. The bond that a person can have with a dog is unlike any other. And without a doubt, all dogs are incredibly cute. But, we can all agree that some people prefer some breeds and other people prefer other breeds. We broke down the 4 dogs that have gotten the highest of scores on the “Who is cuter?” scale. So sit back and enjoy reading a bit more about the cutest dog breeds. Continue reading

Your Dog Leads Online Buying Guide

Dogs are wonderful companions and just like us they have their own unique personality. And to be able to solve your dog’s behavior problems, dog leads are necessary. Extremely safe and effective tools, dog leads will help you teach your dog some basic obedience commands, and train it to do almost anything.

Picking the right dog lead for you and your dog is also very important since it will ensure that your dog is controlled while still getting proper training. And although you can buy a dog lead in local stores, buying dog leads online makes a better option. Online you will be offered a larger variety of options and greater deals. Moreover, you can shop for your dog lead from the comfort of your house.

To help you select the right tool, we’ve created a dog leads online buying guide that contain important factors to consider while choosing a dog lead that will suit you and your dog the most.

Dog Leads OnlineAlthough a dog standard leash can be used in a variety of situations, a dog lead is usually used to teach your dog great behaviors. With that it has to be short to allow you control. Also it has to be comfortable for both of you. Consider a type of material that will fit yours and your dog’s needs.

Material Type Description
Leather Although it is more expensive than nylon, leather dog leads are also more durable. Another great advantage is that it soften over time making more comfortable for you to grip.
Nylon Nylon represenst a more washable material than leather and allows a wider variety of colors.
Metal Chain If your dog likes to chew on its lead, metal dog leads makes a great option for you.

Another important factor to consider is the length of the the dog lead. In order to get a correct measure, you will need a measuring tape. Follow the steps bellow to find the right measure for your dog lead.

  • With your dog in a standing position, measure its height from the floor to its neck.
  • Next, measure from the floor to your waist while standing.
  • Subtract the height from the floor to waist from the total height of the dog.
  • Add 1 to 2 meters of this sum to get a range for the overall length of the dog leash.

In addition to getting the correct length, you should also have the correct width for the size of your dog. Use the table below as a guide.

Dog Size Dog Lead Width
Small 1 cm or less
Medium 1 cm to 2 cm
Large At least 2 cm or larger

Having the right width of dog lead is important because a dog lead that is too small won’t be enough to control a large dog.

To find dog leads online, type dog lead into the searching bar. This will lead you to a list containing a variety of online pet retailers. Select some of them and go trough their website to find what your are looking for. Also read previous customers review to ensure that the online retailer is a reliable one and the products they offer have are durable.