What is Mil-spec and How Does it Differ from Standard Civilian Equipment


Whether you’re a serious backpacker, ex-military or a day-tripper, you know the importance of good equipment. Equipment that holds up to the harsh conditions that come with staying in the wilderness for more than a day is hard to come by according to some, but this is because most haven’t realized how important the mil-spec (equipment that holds up to military specifications) is. The gear that soldiers use is tested through rigorous trials, the result is equipment that is lightweight durable and it can be sealed when the need arises. Continue reading


The Importance of Tree Risk Assessment


A green and thriving backyard can be a wonderful addition to any home. It can serve various purposes, when designed right that is, from a peaceful retreat for relaxing and unwinding with family and friends to a cosy spot for hosting guests in style. The most important element of a functional and beautiful backyard- green space that can bring the beauty of the natural world right to your doorstep. After all, a lush green tree not only provides shade but can instantly enhance the beauty of the entire outdoor space. Continue reading

AT195: Three in One – Quality, Durability and Functionality

Do you like a constant temperature in your pool regardless if it is winter or summer? Well, friend, there is a way – water heater pump. I’ve been where have you been, I want to jump in the pool in June, without having too much trouble with the temperature. My friend Joe ( Hey Joe, you in my article and you are famous now), told me this practical solution. At first, I wasn’t totally convinced, but after the first and second try, well, I bough Joe three six-packs for the advice! Continue reading