The Laptop Stands That Won’t Make You Bend

For many years, laptops were considered as devices with undersized screen, an anemic processor and a puny hard drive, but not anymore. Today’s laptops are powerful enough to be used as everyday computers, but when it comes to the ergonomic part, they are way behind desktop computers. Here’s why: laptops doesn’t allow you to position its display and keyboard separately in order to reduce your risk of wrist or neck injury.
Working on a laptop on a daily basis can put a lot of pressure on your nerves, blood vessels, and wrists causing the famous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In order to reduce and even prevent the risk, you need to invest in laptop ergonomics. One of the most popular and useful ones though are the laptop stand for desk, ergonomic mouse and keyboard as well. You just need to dig more, find a trusted retailer and choose the best laptop stand for desk that won’t make you bend anymore. Let’s see what are the three most popular laptop stands these days. Continue reading


Seven Office Ergonomics Tips To Help You Avoid Fatigue

All of the problems that come from working in an office are caused by sitting on regular and uncomfortable chair, as well as using poor quality mouse and deck. What’s more the repetitive movements can seriously impact your muscles, leading to fatigue and discomfort.
Don’t be a part of this scenery anymore! Go online, browse through the wide range of ergonomic products, compare and buy ergonomic equipment that will meet your requirements. These ergonomic products will create a comfortable and safe work environment for utmost productivity and efficiency with less distress, fatigue and injury. With that on mind, we have prepared for you a list of the best ergonomic tips that will help you increase your efficiency and productivity, and fight off fatigue. Continue reading