All Specs You Need to Know to Choose the Right LED Dive Torch

If all you are used to see of coral reefs is dull reds, blues, and greens, then you are definitely missing out. Even in ten or twenty meters underwater, the coral is as colourful as the kind you see near the surface, but you are not able to see this just because you are a lack of light. The solution? Get yourself a dive torch. It does not have to be the most expensive one on the market but it is worthy to have one so you can enjoy all the beauty and colours that underwater world has to offer. If you are a night diver, consider the size. If you are going to be holding the torch during your entire diving session, go with a bigger model so you can see more. These torches have batteries with longer life span while giving you the opportunity to see the colours much better.led-dive-torches

Before you dive deep into the different types of torches, choose a lighting technology. Light emitting diode or courtly know as LED is very much the norm today as recent technological advancements have greatly improved the size, reliability and the brightness of led lights. Thanks to their reliability and power efficiency, LED dive torches are one of the most popular types of torches among professional divers and enthusiasts. When it comes to types, there are generally three of them: primary, secondary and video. Continue reading


A Guide to Choose a Diving Light Right

For exciting night dives or for exploring the depths of the ocean during the day, any diver should have an efficient diving light at hand at all times. It’s great for sending signals to your fellow divers, looking at tiny cracks and crevices, exploring dark areas of the ocean and so much more. Diving lights are designed to enhancing your diving experience and are crucial for safety underwater. There are many situations when you have to check your equipment while diving and this is where diving lights can be very useful for illuminating different parts of your diving gear. There are two main types of diving torches: primary and secondary. Primary lights have a sturdy construction and are designed to be long lasting and conditionally chance your visual field underwater. You can use a primary diving light during both night and day dives. Depending on the design they can be powered with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Continue reading

Powerful Led Torch Light Buying Guide

Powerful Led Torch Light

The weekend is coming and your plan is to go camping. Great idea, you will enjoy the beauty of nature and have a lot of fun, but before take place yourself in the car’s seat you need to pack few essentials. One of those important things you should carry with you is definitely the LED torch light. There is no light in the wood, so having a torch light with you will make a huge difference.

Torch lights are extremely powerful with a potential beam range of half a kilometre. These lights are generally more expensive than traditional options, but their performance makes them worth the money. Continue reading