The Main Components That Make Up a Functional Solar Power System

The popularity of residential solar power systems has been on the rise, particular in the last few years and for very good reasons. They are easy to install, serve as clean and reliable source of electricity and can considerably reduce the costs of your household in the long run. The main purpose of a standard solar power system is to convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power a range of different household devices and appliances. To achieve this all the the different components that make up the solar power system should work properly and provide optimum performance and efficiency. All solar systems are made up of a few essential components: Continue reading


What Features Make Bamboo a Far Better Choice Than Cotton

When you’re an eco-conscious consumer, shopping for clothes can be struggle since it’s hard to make eco-friendly choices when many of the manufacturing methods of the textile industry are harmful to the environment. From the use of toxic chemicals and dyes and the abuse of animal furs and leathers to the landfall impact of clothes and all the energy needed to make each piece, the textile industry indeed has a significant environmental footprint. As the most commonly used material in many clothing pieces, cotton is soft and durable yet is not sustainable at all. The cultivation of cotton crops requires the use of pesticides which are harmful both to your health and the environment, plus cotton clothes are often treated with azo dyes that are know to create amines (breakdown products) which may have carcinogenic properties. Continue reading

The Many Perks of Bamboo Products

As a fast growing crop that needs no fertilizers to thrive, doesn’t require much water and removes carbon dioxide from the air, bamboo has a strong reputation for being eco-friendly and versatile and as such it’s used In the production of a wide range of products. While these amazing features of bamboo have been known for quite a while, it popularity has been on the rise in the last decade along with the raised awareness about the benefits of using green materials and organic products. Compared to other crops such as cotton, bamboo is recognized as more sustainable and a lot more resistant to pest attacks. Cotton requires the use of pesticides and is treated with many other chemicals to make it more durable and sustainable. Bamboo, on the other hand is durable by nature and contains and is grown without the use of any chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Continue reading

A Guide to Finding the Best Batten LED Light in Australia

If you are looking to add more light in an individual room and see that regular light bulbs and systems do not work, then batten LED light is the solution. They are obviously the better choice, whenever you replace traditional tube lighting. They will brighten any area, whether is it in your office, home, outdoor area or somewhere else. In Australia you can find a lot LED retailers, offering you a wide range of lights. If you are still on the look of batten LED light, then you are lucky because bellow we will go through the best tow batten LED lights that are durable, made with high precision and affordable. Continue reading

Tick-tock, It’s Time to get a Unique Alarm Clock

In this modern world where everything needs to be very organized and everybody needs to be very punctual, having an alarm clock to help you wake up in the right time is a must. But in addition to being functional, an alarm clock can also be a great décor piece to add interested to a room.

Nowadays, you can literally buy an alarm clock in every style possible. Large ones can be used to make a bold statement while smaller alarm clocks can add fun and curiosity to a décor scheme. Sometimes, when you need a more graphic element to combine with a colourful rug, fabric, and art, an alarm clock can add that too. Traditional, antique, retro, industrial – take your pick. Here are some options of alarm clocks for you to consider, although the options are endless! Continue reading

A Touch of Greenery in Your Commercial Space

Want to make your commercial space much more appealing and give your company a wonderful landscape design without wasting a lot of money on a professional landscape designer, well commercial flower planters might be just the thing for you. A great landscape design is all about achieving that perfect balance of from and function. It should enhance the look of your building, but the design elements should have a functional purpose as well.


Continue reading

Types of Solar Led Street Light Products

Whether you are investing in a home for your villa or you want your working complex to be eco-friendly, you will need to find the best solar led street light that will be reliable, durable and cost friendly. In this article we will go through the best solar led street lights that Australian retailers have to offer.

Solar PIR security light

Solar PIR security light

This Eco solar led street light is innovative and modern compared with all the competition out there. The beautiful design and the technical features create you the best way to save energy, equipped with the automatic switching charging mode. It can remain at 50lm dim light between dusk and dawn, it his equipped by a PIR motion sensor so that automatically reacts whenever motion is detected. The light that is emitted in that moment is around 1000lm, which extraordinary illumination. Built to last with an exceptional run time this I the perfect light to offer you security in your house or workplace.

All-in-1 solar light 7W

All in one? Well, that’s right this modern and innovative design has everything you need to save energy with the most modern equipment available on the market. This Led street light for the first 5 hours of working can emit around 300lm and with the automatic functionality is switched back to 150 until dawn. Whenever there is movement around this device the light activates around 1000lm for 30 sec. Built with great durability and run time, possess ultra-fast recharging capabilities. The 7W gives him the power to cope with anything that happens in Australia. You can apply this solar light in a courtyard, garden, park, private road, sidewalk, plaza, farm, wildlife and many other locations.

High-powered solar light 160W ML-SSESL-72

There are not a lot of high powered solar led lights because more power means shorter battery spam. However, this 160w solar light was designed with the newest and best technology on the market. It is made with a modern and innovative design that has the same capabilities as the 7W model meaning it emits an output of 7200lm for the first 5 hours and then switches back to 1800lm until dawn. This mean fighting lighting machine has a better lifespan even though it has a lot of power and can take everything that the Australian climate hits it. It is a perfect match for your garden, the courtyard, the roadway, campus, parking lot and dozens of more applications.