What Makes Scandinavian Interior Design So Popular

Simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing, Scandinavian interior design is all about achieving an elegant and stylish look with little fuss. Every element of the design scheme has the purpose to infuse the space with calming vibes and make it look and feel like a cosy and inviting home where one can spend lovely moments with family and friends. As a blend of distinctive Swedish, Norwegian and Finish trends, this interior design is based on natural elements, simple lines, soothing colour pallets and furnishings that evoke style, comfort and a dose of Nordic charm.Scandinavian Furniture For Sale

With its simple design and minimal yet sophisticated adornments, Scandinavian furniture for sale can compliment the design of any home, whether that be a traditional house or an urban adobe. This amazing quality to infuse any house with elegance and comfort is the main reason why Scandinavian falls into the category of popular interior design styles and is often praised by interior designers for its décor philosophy- keep it classy and simple yet functional at the same time. But, when did this interior design first caught the attention of famous designers? Well, it all started way back at the 1947 exhibition at the design museum Triennale di Milano in Milan, Italy. Among the stylish design pieces exhibited there were gorgeous Scandinavian furniture, decorations and glassware that instantly captured the attention of designers and homeowners alike. Continue reading


Tips For Finding the Ideal Wall Mounted Exterior LED Lights

Outdoor lighting can make your house more beautiful. This is fact, that a lot of people are discovering as they added wall mounted exterior led lights. They are cost effective, adding beauty, safet to your home. To understand which light will work with the exterior of your home will help you pick the ideal fixtures for your backyard, deck and garden. To make your decision easier here are some tips for choosing the best wall mounted exterior led lights.

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Why Choose & How to Install Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the top choices among homeowners when it comes to window dressing. They are attractive, functional and provide great insulation. During the winter months, the warm air in the room flows into space so the concave sides of the slats should face inwards. While during the summertime the warm air is directed upwards. Venetians have the power to instantly chance the appearance of your home and make it look modern and clean. They come in many colours so they can perfectly match any colour scheme in your home and the installation process is more than simple. No, you do not need a professional here. Just get the right tools and follow these few simple steps and you will be able to install Venetian blinds like a pro.

The process starts with choosing an installation method. Here you have two main choices: to install Venetian blinds inside the window frame or outside and above the casing. This decision should be based on your personal preferences as well as on your windows. If you have narrow window frames, it might be easier to install them outside, particularly above the window casing. However, both methods look good in any room, so regardless of your decision you can not go wrong.install-venetian-blinds

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Are Shutters The Right Choice For Your Windows?

So, you have made a decision to install shutters on your windows? Regardless of your choice of window treatment, you need to be well informed before make your final choice. Everyone has its own style and taste and that is okay, but I must admit that I totally agree with your decision of plantation shutters. Why? Because they are versatile, less expensive than some other options and they can increase the value of your home. There are highly desirable and usually stay with the home when it is sold what makes them the only window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of your house.shutters Australia

When shopping for shutters, it is essential to know if you are purchasing custom shutters built for your window or if the shutters Australia company will take stock panels and cut them according to your needs so they can fit your windows perfectly. Often the price for both options are very similar so choose what is most suitable for you.

Going through different shutters Australia shops you will find different styles and sizes of shutters. You may also find traditional models but not necessarily since they are quite rare these days. These shutters are not the same as plantation shutters. The difference is they have the narrower, smaller louvers and are often found in the New England states. You can find them rarely installed today since their design let lots of light and keeps the view open to the outside world.

When shopping for shutters there are some important features to look for. A shutter company will measure your window and according to those measurements will build your shutters to fit. Shutters designed within the double hung fashion or a divider rail are usually preferred choice for bathrooms. Their low louvers allow for privacy while those on the top can be left open for a light and view. If you choose shutters for your bedroom, you can soften the look by adding drapes or a valance on the top. They will give you all the privacy and sun control you need. Let’s be honest, this is simply not possible with wood blinds, drapers or even curtains. That’s why people love so much this type of window treatment.

Sometimes you may need a half shutter, but my opinion is that a full window shutter is a better choice. The cost for half shutter and full-length shutter is similar but it won’t give you enough insulation and control over the sunlight. On the other hand, full length shutters let the sunlight beautifully in the room while still protecting your rugs and furniture from sun damage.

When choosing shutters that need to be build according to your windows, you have plenty of choices. They can be custom built to fit perfectly any size or shape of window. Once you find the right place to shop and choose your perfect match you can enjoy your shutters for a lifetime.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds – The Best Way to Cover Your Windows on a Budget

When it comes to covering your windows on a budget,  are your best choice. Aside from being one of the most cost-effective window treatments available, modern versions make then also more fashionable than ever. Available in an array of colours, from basic hues to metallic nuances, that means you can find one for every décor.

The contemporary look of these blinds makes then suited either to traditional or modern architecture. Practical, versatile and good looking, aluminium venetian blinds are also one of the most functional blinds as they give you complete control of the mood in a room – a simple twist of the control wand allows you to adjust the view from subtle changes of light and shade to total privacy. Continue reading

Spring Decorating With Wall Stickers Quotes

A while ago, when I was visiting my friend, we were having dinner in the dining room. On his wall were noticeable dark letters made by wall art stickers. He went in to detail and explained, that those quotes were his family’s values that he wants to pass to his newborn daughter as she walks the path of life.

That inspired me deeply. I’ve been planing to redecorate my home for a while now with my favourite theme – spring. Coming up with ideas, searching online to find the perfect wall art stickers, to reading a guide or two I was ready. Wall stickers quotes are quite popular today, expressing your inner thoughts, desires and your personal values.

When the flowers are blooming, I can close my eyes and feel how the leafs grow, how the warm wind passes through me, the electricity in the air flowing through my chest make me feel happy and full with love. That’s the feeling I want to receive when I open my eyes in my newly decorated room. The perfect measurement is 100cm wide by 60cm tall, that can suit children or adults as it composed of wording layout that can be combined with flower swirls or pair of butterflies that can be painted in any colour available.

wallpaper spring
You can always combine quotes with flowers or some drawings of animals. Either can have red rose, blooming with different types of drawings around her or a bucket of flowers with small animals “ruining” around her. You have the option to design it to your liking. Continue reading

How To Choose The Right Floor Lamp For Your Living Room

Lighting is one of the key elements for having a cozy atmosphere. Lightning, especially the tiny ceiling and wall lamps are the ideal way to make your home look stylish, modern and cozy.
However, choosing the right lamps for your home is also something you need to be careful with. You have to be very keen when selecting lights for your home, as they need to match the interior design of the particular room. And when it comes to your living room lighting, the best way to make your room more stylish is with the addition of a floor lamp. There are different types of floor lamps and they all come in a variety of prices. In order to help you, we have prepared for you this ultimate guide.

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