How to Create a Stunning Scandinavian Style Dining Room

Simple yet elegant, Scandinavian interior design can compliment any home setting. As it’s name suggests, it encompasses interior design trends that originated in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. These trends first emerged as a single design movement during the 1950s and immediately captured the attention of interior designers. Continue reading


Ways to Create a Bedroom that Oozes Comfort & Positivity

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At the end of a long hard day, there is nothing better than lying down on your bed and just relax. In fact, bedrooms are invented for one purpose and that is to ooze relaxation and get your batteries powered up for the next day. Well, that is the main reason why you should be careful with the décor decisions related to this room. However, except for the décor pieces, you should also consider your partner’s wishes (if you have one) since the bedroom is the most divine place in the whole house for both of you. Thus, creating a balance, sacrificing personal wishes and making a compromise (precisely on the colour and the design) are the things you should decide on both. Waking up in a bedroom that oozes comfort and positivity is a great way to start the day. Let’s see what are the three important elements that will help you create a happy and cosy bedroom.

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How to Make Your Living Room Cosier and More Functional

As the place reserved for socializing and spending quality time with your family and friends, the living room should reflect a pleasant and inviting ambiance, all while making the entire house more functional. A nice layout spiced up with cosy vibes is the main feature of stylish living rooms featured in interior design magazines. Every element has a dual purpose- to add function and make the space look and feel more comfortable. However, as one of the most used areas in the house, the living room can often get messy and disorganised. And few things can ruin the look of yours as poor organisation add to this bad décor and you get a room that looks anything but appealing. Continue reading

The Right Furniture to Make a Kid’s Room Bloom

Having your own space at home is maybe one of the most important things, especially when living in a big family. Having a room of your own means that you have a place where you can sit and relax on your own without being disturbed. Well, the same goes for children as well, and just like us, they also want to have their own room where they can disconnect from the outside world and be in their own princess/robot world. Every parent wants the best for their children, and I’m sure that you are no exception, so when designing a room for your child, make sure it is both: comfortable and good looking. Continue reading

Kids Single Beds Buying Guide

There is no other piece of furniture more important for children’s growth than the kid’s bed. If you are a parent, then you will definitely confirm the truth that choosing the right bed for your little one is both a demanding and complex task, considering the fact that kids beds come in so many different models, styles, shapes, designs, and colours. Continue reading

Natural Stone Cladding: Add Texture and Colour to Your Interior or Exterior

Bored with your home? Want to add something different, yet beautiful, durable and practical? Well, there is a way! What better way to make your living room more beautiful and modern at the same time with natural stone cladding. This way you’ll use a wide range of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks as a structural and decorative appliance to become more attractive yet more restrictive for designers create a bigger scope and apply spit and loose stone veneers to achieve the desired architectural effects.

The most alluring part of the natural stone cladding is the the colour and textures seem so unique and timeless, that simple makes it more beautiful the outdoor or indoor environment. If you decide to install natural stone cladding on the outside, then you should know that natural stone is very durable and last for many years. Continue reading

What Makes Scandinavian Interior Design So Popular

Simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing, Scandinavian interior design is all about achieving an elegant and stylish look with little fuss. Every element of the design scheme has the purpose to infuse the space with calming vibes and make it look and feel like a cosy and inviting home where one can spend lovely moments with family and friends. As a blend of distinctive Swedish, Norwegian and Finish trends, this interior design is based on natural elements, simple lines, soothing colour pallets and furnishings that evoke style, comfort and a dose of Nordic charm.Scandinavian Furniture For Sale

With its simple design and minimal yet sophisticated adornments, Scandinavian furniture for sale can compliment the design of any home, whether that be a traditional house or an urban adobe. This amazing quality to infuse any house with elegance and comfort is the main reason why Scandinavian falls into the category of popular interior design styles and is often praised by interior designers for its décor philosophy- keep it classy and simple yet functional at the same time. But, when did this interior design first caught the attention of famous designers? Well, it all started way back at the 1947 exhibition at the design museum Triennale di Milano in Milan, Italy. Among the stylish design pieces exhibited there were gorgeous Scandinavian furniture, decorations and glassware that instantly captured the attention of designers and homeowners alike. Continue reading