Best Chardonnay Wines of 2010

The Chardonnay grape it contributes very much to the popularity of wine. Made from grape with green skin, Chardonnay is quite ‘low maintenance’ vine that adapts well to different climates, resulting in high yields all over the world. These high yields convert into millions of bottles of quality Chardonnay wines. As a result, you can find a good bottle of Chardonnay wine for price under $15. Chardonnay wine boast an wide range of flavors from oak influences, expected buttered to the fruit, fresh flavors of pear, apple, citrus, melon and tropical, leaving a lasting palate impression.

With a distinguished and long fallowing, Chardonnay wine enjoys a very versatile image, with vintners offering a wide range of structures and styles. From buttery, rich Chardonnays that boast presence and power to the unoaked fruit Chardonnays that allow the expression and varietal character to be in the spotlight, this popular white wine is able of accommodating many palates and so as many food pairing combinations. In addition to this, we present you best Chardonnay 2010 wines.

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