Hairstyling And Makeup Artistry Courses Available Online

Hairstyling And Makeup Artistry Courses Available Online

Look online for a reliable school that provides the best hair and makeup artistry courses and make your dream a reality.


Learn How To Apply Makeup As A Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Melbourne

Makeup does wonders, especially if you know how to apply it like a pro. To learn and apply makeup as a professional you will need to enroll yourself in a professional makeup course in a reliable Australian school. You just need to do little research and find the nearest and most trustworthy makeup artist Melbourne academy. There, you can learn the latest tricks and techniques related to this industry, you will learn how to make your eyes pop and bright, how to make your nose look smaller, how to apply makeup with different brushes, how to use colored eye pencils, how to contour your face and how to make your lips bigger.
A makeup artist Melbourne Academy with its professional makeup artist will teach you the new techniques, will train you and support you to open your own makeup business, and on the other hand you will improve and learn new skills, expand your knowledge, receive a certificate for finishing a professional makeup course, having the opportunity to start your own business.

Here are one of the most important thing you will learn by visiting a professional makeup course in a reputable and reliable makeup artist Melbourne academy.

  • Ace Your Base – When choosing a high quality foundation, you must apply it on your face and never on the back of your hand. A foundation that will suit your skin tone must be blended lightly into your neck, leaving no trace of line. The two most important things to remember are that before applying a foundation, you will have to apply a face base called primer, and the second thing is that the foundation must be applied with special brush. This brush will allow you to apply the foundation evenly leaving your skin flawless.
  • Eyes Right – By visiting a professional makeup course, you will learn how to do your eyes right according to their shape. However, the first thing you will learn is that before applying the eye makeup you will have to apply a primer, which will help you achieve better color and longevity. When putting on the eye shadow, build up the color slowly with the help of different eye brushes. They will help you achieve the desired look in no time. You just need to understand the use of each brush and how to work with them. Once you are done with the eye shadow, you will have to apply an eye liner and mascara to add the final deep touch to the look.
  • Do The Lips Right – The first thing you need to do is to apply a little bit of foundation to your lips. After that, apply a good quality lip pencil starting from the corners of your mouth to the center. To apply the lipstick, use a special lip brush that will help you make even smooth lines.
  • Illuminate Your face – To give your face a final glow, add a little bit of highlighter. Apply it to the areas where the sun will hit naturally like the chin, tip of your nose and the forehead.