Outback Adventure: 4 Modifications That Will Protect Your 4×4

Driving throught the outback is one Aussie adventure that every off-road enthusast wants to partake in at some point in their lives. The lush environments the outback offers are vast and vary greatly from sand dunes to large rainforests which are perfect for stress testing your 4×4. This is also the reason for the amount of Australians that use 4WD vehicles which can be used for camping or any other hobby throughout the nation. But before touring the outback with your 4×4 you should first look at its viability for such a task, this is because not all stock 4x4s are meant for rough off-road use.

The various 4WD vehicles used in Australia aren’t all viable for touring through the outback for an extended period of time either an entire week or a weekend warrior. You can upgrade and improve your vehicle through 4 specific modifications that won’t affect the performance of your engine but will ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements and road itself for the duration of any trip. The first of the 4 is the bull bar, which is the most popular and well-known as far as of road mods go. Bull bars are the complete protection of your bonnet, front bumper and engine by placing a large bar to stop any possible damage from animal attacks (kangaroos to be specific) and from the road if it gets too bumpy. Continue reading


Investing In Third-party Hilux Fuel Tanks – Yay or Nay

Toyota Hilux, Australia’s #1 off-road vehicle! Hitting those rough terrains, going to places where no ordinary vehicle can. Toyota knows how to built their vehicles. Sadly, nothing is built perfectly, and the same can be said about Toyota Hilux. Even though, in normal road condition this vehicle will not get damaged, while going through rocks and rivers while by accident you can really damage your fuel tank. While Toyota is offering great prices on their vehicle, getting replacement parts is quite expensive. However, Toyota is not so evil and allowed third-party manufacturers to created Hilux Long Range fuel tanks, so users can find a good way to replace their damaged tanks.
So, still not sure should you invest into a fuel tank? Yay or Nay? On the market you can find many third-party Hilux Long Range fuel tanks, but the most reliable one and the reasons that will make say Yay into investing into one are the following characteristics.Hilux Long Range Fuel Tanks

Toyota Hilux – Modern, Functional and Reliable Vehicle

One of the most sold off-road vehicle in Australia the last couple of years is without a doubt the Toyota Hilux. It is a great vehicle for its price and offers a lot of off-road capabilities. For any hard-working man, it is a really a good solution, even better than any sedan. The Toyota Hilux is better than other not only it is built with great care but because of its dependability. When you have a full day of obligations, the Hilux is strong that is second to none. As every Toyota product, the Hilux is their best creations. Even with the scandal back in 2010, where Toyota recalled some vehicles, they are still being sold. For instance, the Toyota Hilux still sells more than 30.000 vehicles every year.Toyota Hilux 4X4 Parts

Like every well-built vehicle, the Hilux can withstand so much, but as time goes by with a lot of wear and tear, you will still need Toyota Hilux 4X4 Parts to replace the broken ones. To have full functionality of your vehicle at all times, it is wise to change the parts as fast as possible, to avoid malfunctioning of this type of vehicle. Purchasing parts from Toyota can be expensive, but luckily, Toyota has approved third-party manufacturers to create Toyota Hilux 4X4 parts. They will offer you something that not even Toyota can provide – customisation. They are more durable and functional than the stock ones because they are built with that purpose in mind. Continue reading

Different Styles of Nissan Patrol Fender Flares

Nissan Patrol Fender Flares

Most SUVs and trucks have a broad range of accessories to upgrade and make their ride even more enjoyable. From all of those on the market, one of the most popular among consumers are fender flares. They are an accessory that is an extension of your vehicle, where they fit directly on your wheel and elegantly match the line of the vehicle. One of the most popular cars in Australia is the Nissan Patrol. A lot of people do not know what fender flares do, which is subject to this article. They are an extension of the vehicle that fit directly over the wheel and is matched with the same body lines as the car. There are different types of Nissan Patrol fender flares on the market, but they are categorised in four categories.

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OCAM Bonnet Protector Triton – Australia’s Best

Bonnet Protector Triton 2

Bonnet Protector Triton

With so many varieties on the market, there are dozens of options to customise your vehicle. Recently, the most popular one amongst Australian is the car hood covers that are also known as a bonnet protector. Car hood cover is the perfect accessory to self-express or it can be even a cost-effective way to advertise your business. One brand that is above all is the bonnet protector triton cover that is specialised for the Mitsubishi 4×4 vehicle. For that reasons, in this article, we will go through the best bonnet protector triton that is affordable, reliable and functional – OCAM Bonnet.

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Engine Buying Guide

Which is the most important part of any vehicle? The engine. With other words, we can say that the engine is the heart of any vehicle. The longer the engine lasts, the longer your truck will last. But unfortunately, engine breakdown is possible with any engine and you cannot do anything about it. What you can do is make sure you have the right engine to power your truck as long as it lasts. With proper and regular maintenance, you can help in keeping the engine in good condition. Before purchasing an engine brand, there are few important things to consider.

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Steps to Getting Your Engine and Transmission Serviced

The transmission system controls the pace and the force of the vehicle and it must be completely in the best shape. Indeed the most modest defects in the transmission system can prompt deadly breakdown of the motor. The transmission framework is in charge of increasing and diminishing the torque from the motor through manual gear changing. Although the maintenance for the transmission system is not difficult, it is better to visit a reliable transmission service Melbourne shop to do the job for you. Most transmission service Melbourne shops dispose with astounding gear needed for transmission maintenance and accomplished experts.


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