The Huge Importance of Power Line Clearances

Autumn is just around the corner and while this means we can finally get a break from high temperatures here in Australia, the colder weather will certainly bring rain and wind. Bad weather, especially strong winds can lead to accidents.


The main cause for accidents are trees that are in close proximity to power lines. While these beautiful natural structures can add interest and greenery to any outdoor space, whether be that your backyard or garden, they can also disrupt the power supply not just for your home, but in some cases for the entire neighborhood. Therefore, trees and any other tall vegetation in your backyard requires careful inspection so as to determine whether there are any risk factors.

It’s essential to keep a closer look at all the trees in your backyard. This means checking their growth and development at least once a month. During those check-ups, you would want to determine the hight of each tree and the specific position of its branches. Pay special attention to those trees that are close to power lines. Make sure the branches are not touching the power lines.

powerline clearance

It’s important to mention that even if tree branches are not coming into contact with a nearby power line, the appearance of high wind can easily change that. Keep in mind that you should avoid cutting or pruning trees on your own since this easily lead to an injury or significant damage. For instance, you can damage the exterior of your house or disrupt your power supply, and that is exactly what you’re trying to avoid. In this case, it’s best to hire professionals that specialize in power line clearance services.

Powerline work comes with a number of risks and can be dangerous. Professional workers have the training and knowledge to deliver power line clearance services in a safe and efficient manner. They have advanced powerline clearing machinery that can be used to cut down tree branches and other tall vegetation that is touching or is extremely close to power lines.


There are a few important things you should know about power line clearing along with some rules that apply to all properties. It’s essential to note that you are responsible for all the trees growing on your property. Therefore, you need to make sure they don’t pose any threat to nearby power lines. As for the standards that need to be fulfilled, you should know that all tree branches should be kept at a distance of 1.5m from the lines, for bushfire areas this distance is decreased to 0.5m.

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