Outback Adventure: 4 Modifications That Will Protect Your 4×4

Driving throught the outback is one Aussie adventure that every off-road enthusast wants to partake in at some point in their lives. The lush environments the outback offers are vast and vary greatly from sand dunes to large rainforests which are perfect for stress testing your 4×4. This is also the reason for the amount of Australians that use 4WD vehicles which can be used for camping or any other hobby throughout the nation. But before touring the outback with your 4×4 you should first look at its viability for such a task, this is because not all stock 4x4s are meant for rough off-road use.

The various 4WD vehicles used in Australia aren’t all viable for touring through the outback for an extended period of time either an entire week or a weekend warrior. You can upgrade and improve your vehicle through 4 specific modifications that won’t affect the performance of your engine but will ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements and road itself for the duration of any trip. The first of the 4 is the bull bar, which is the most popular and well-known as far as of road mods go. Bull bars are the complete protection of your bonnet, front bumper and engine by placing a large bar to stop any possible damage from animal attacks (kangaroos to be specific) and from the road if it gets too bumpy.


The second and third upgrades you should get are the side bars and the 4×4 rear bar that connect to enclose the vehicle’s bottom parts to give it complete protection around the entire vehicle. However this also gives you mounting platforms for a variety of different important parts that your vehicle might need. For the bull bar you can add floodlights and a whinch which will help get you out of many sticky situations like very steep inclines or getting out of a puddle your vehicle can’t cross on its own. The side bars are primarily used for protecting the bottom and sides of your vehicle, but they’re also used as steps to allow for easier access to the vehicle’s interior. With the 4×4 rear bar you can set up a few ports and holes that can be attached to the winch and a tow bar which will allow you to tow any extra trailer or vehicle.

The final modification you should consider is the upgrade of your suspension system, this is because you’ve added a lot of weight to your 4×4 with the protective modifications and the stock suspension usually isn’t capable of taking on the extra weight. By upgrading the suspension and tuning it to the weight you’ve added, then it will be perfectly optimized for performance and comfort.

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