Everything You Need to Know about Smart Chargers

If you are just starting out in your RC hobby you are sure to run in to some problem regarding the maintenance and tuning of your miniature vehicle. But our main focus here will be the batteries, they are the life source of your car and it is very important to know how to properly maintain it, to make sure it lasts you a long time and that it is operating optimally. In almost all batteries instruction manuals you will find that it says that you should charge then discharge the battery completely, this is done so that the system knows what absolute 0% is and what 100% charged battery is.

If your RC vehicle uses a LiPo battery, because of their sensitive chemistry and maintenance requirements these types of batteries require smart chargers. What smart chargers do is, they monitor how much charge is left in the battery while charging, and make sure you charge it to its fullest potential before you use it. Their capacity usually hovers around 500mAh and their discharge rate is 50C. To avoid any discharge power from becoming a problem, smart chargers allow you to monitor and make sure your batteries are fully charged.

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