The Basics of RC Modification

There are a lot of hobbyists in the RC community that are reluctant to modify their own vehicles for one reason or another. They should reconsider the idea since there are a lot of simple modifications that would improve the aesthethic and performance of the RC car. Performance mods are for everyone while aesthethic ones usually come down to personal taste since some hobbyists want their car look a certain way. However, there are some universal modifications, even those that have a certain look in mind for their car could use them to enhance the look even further. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using a Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries

There are great benefits to be had from using rechargeable batteries and the battery charger that comes with them. You would be surprise at the range of different types of chargers on the market today, from chargers with an LCD screen to keep you informed of the status of each battery while charging to chargers with protective casings for ease of organization while travelling and chargers with international voltage range that can be used anywhere in the world. Below you will find a list of reasons how using rechargeable batteries can make your life easier. Continue reading

The Most Commonly Used Types of Workplace Ergonomic Products

computer workplace ergonomics

We spend a lot of time sitting in front of our computers, sitting in the same position for about eight hours per day. Believe it or not, this could evoke a lot of health problems which is why investing in ergonomics is one of the first steps you could take to improving your well-being. Working in an unhealthy environment can cause a lot of problems and injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, stiffed neck, lower back pain, etc. Thus, if you still haven’t given a lot of thought to the comfort of your workplace, now is the time to do it. In fact, giving your workplace an ergonomic makeover with the right computer workplace ergonomics is the right thing to do, as on that way you will resolve all of your problems. When it comes to your desk space and computer workplace ergonomics, here are the essential ones.

computer workplace ergonomics Continue reading