The Many Perks of Bamboo Products

As a fast growing crop that needs no fertilizers to thrive, doesn’t require much water and removes carbon dioxide from the air, bamboo has a strong reputation for being eco-friendly and versatile and as such it’s used In the production of a wide range of products. While these amazing features of bamboo have been known for quite a while, it popularity has been on the rise in the last decade along with the raised awareness about the benefits of using green materials and organic products. Compared to other crops such as cotton, bamboo is recognized as more sustainable and a lot more resistant to pest attacks. Cotton requires the use of pesticides and is treated with many other chemicals to make it more durable and sustainable. Bamboo, on the other hand is durable by nature and contains and is grown without the use of any chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Before we discuss the many amazing uses of bamboo, let’s first take a look at the the main features of this eco-friendly crop. While it’s often considered that bamboo is a specific species of tree, this is not true at all. It is in fact a grass plant that thrives best in tropical environments. Another thing that you probably don’t know about this amazing plant is that a bamboo grove can produce around 30% more oxygen compared to the same amount of trees. A typical bamboo plant will fully develop within the period of 3 to 5 years, which is a lot quicker than most commercial plant species. All these features make bamboo the ideal material for producing a wide variety of products.


Bamboo bedding

Thanks to the exceptional quality and softness of bamboo as a material, the bamboo bedding wholesale has been reaching new heights on the market and these days bamboo bedding is appreciated as one of the most practical, durable and comfortable material for bed sheers, pillows and throws. While cotton traps moisture and creates the perfect environment for bed mites and other bacteria to thrive, bamboo is anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic making it the ideal choice for allergy suffers and people with sensitive skin. Due to these amazing qualities more and more retailers decide to supply bamboo bedding wholesale to their product range.


Bamboo clothing

Its ability to easily absorb moisture yet be very soft at the same time, makes bamboo a popular clothing material. It’s most commonly used for making baby clothes, but you can also find bamboo t-shirts, skirts, socks and underwear for adults. While there is bedding made of 100% organic bamboo, this is not the case with clothing. Most clothing pieces are a combination of bamboo fibres and some other type of clothing material, usually cotton.


Bamboo flooring

A bamboo floor can be a stylish and practical addition to any modern home. In fact bamboo flooring is often considered as one of the strongest type of flooring. It’s durability makes it the ideal solution for any room in the house. Furthermore, bamboo floors are available in a variety of styles and finishes, which means they can suit any interior design.


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