A Guide to Finding the Best Batten LED Light in Australia

If you are looking to add more light in an individual room and see that regular light bulbs and systems do not work, then batten LED light is the solution. They are obviously the better choice, whenever you replace traditional tube lighting. They will brighten any area, whether is it in your office, home, outdoor area or somewhere else. In Australia you can find a lot LED retailers, offering you a wide range of lights. If you are still on the look of batten LED light, then you are lucky because bellow we will go through the best tow batten LED lights that are durable, made with high precision and affordable.


If you are looking for more customisation, automation and cost-effective Batten LED light then the ENSA LEDBT18WS is made just for you. It comes with a sensor that runs on 5.82GHz motion sensors, daylight sensors and controls that are programmed for energy savings. This is one of the most famous Batten led lights in Australia. One thing, in particular, is the price, it ranges between $85 up to $135 depending on the size. This LED light uses effectively halve power compared to 600mm for two feet and 1200mm for 4ft twin battens. The most alluring part is the energy saving property of this LED. Thanks to the daylight and motion sensor this light will be turned on only when someone is around at night. The sensors have a 360-degree angle that is capable of detecting motion through door, glass and thin walls. This light is rated IP65 meaning it is made from polyurethane gaskets, stainless steel clips and polycarbonate diffuser. Also you can adjust this device from 10 sec up to 12 minutes on-time delay, which makes it a perfect pick for car parks, stairwells and a lot of other locations.

Phaeton Slimline Batten

This LED batten has the easiest installation from them all. It can be used both in indoor and outdoor conditions and it comes in regular sizes 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m. One of the best-LED light for your garage, backyard, front door or hallway. It is easily upgradable to sensor, dimmable or emergency lighting, depending on your needs. It looks simple yet elegant and stylish design, which a lot of people like. It has up to 50 000 hours of lifespan which is amazing compared to other lights that have 20000 or 30000 hours lifespan. The Phaeton Slimline Batten is flawless, made from the sound German engineering, with integrated and gape less body puts a spell on everyone!


When you have so much choice, sometimes a little bump in the right direction can create things like never before. The same can be said with this information, you know have a wider field of LED lights, and know the two best, without a doubt. It is up to you, to find a retailer and bring modern and sophisticated LED light in dark places like never before.


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