Tick-tock, It’s Time to get a Unique Alarm Clock

In this modern world where everything needs to be very organized and everybody needs to be very punctual, having an alarm clock to help you wake up in the right time is a must. But in addition to being functional, an alarm clock can also be a great décor piece to add interested to a room.

Nowadays, you can literally buy an alarm clock in every style possible. Large ones can be used to make a bold statement while smaller alarm clocks can add fun and curiosity to a décor scheme. Sometimes, when you need a more graphic element to combine with a colourful rug, fabric, and art, an alarm clock can add that too. Traditional, antique, retro, industrial – take your pick. Here are some options of alarm clocks for you to consider, although the options are endless!

Forme Clock


This beautiful clock makes a great addition to a fireplace mantel in a more traditional interior décor. It is also a beautiful piece to place on a bookcase tucked amongst the books.

Astro Alarm Clock


Retro is fun and this Astro Alarm clock is no exception.

Tilly Cream Clock


Featuring a cream matt finish metal frame and a decorative gold key fob and golden markers, this British castles inspired clock is meant for a desk or a bedside table.

Alarm Mantle Clock with Light

Alarm Mantle Clock with Light

Waking up with this bronze beauty will be much more pleasing. Made from metal and glass, this clock will add that little bit of character that you always wanted in the room.

Finn Silent Clock

Finn Silent Clock

Inspired by the 1950’s Scandinavian design movement this clock may the time piece you need for your desk. It is not too big, and not too small, but just right!

Things to keep in mind before you buy your alarm clock

  • If the main function of the clock will be to wake you up in the morning, then consider choosing a model that is easy to use. As you may agree with me, your days are already too stressful to have to deal with an alarm clock that is difficult as solving a puzzle.
  • What is the clock wakeupability? While no clock has a mind on its own, an alarm clock should have adjustable alarm volume for light and heavy sleepers.
  • It is true that a clock with more features doesn’t mean it is a better clock, but this can be an important metric in determining its overall quality.

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