Different Styles of Nissan Patrol Fender Flares

Most SUVs and trucks have a broad range of accessories to upgrade and make their ride even more enjoyable. From all of those on the market, one of the most popular among consumers are fender flares. They are an accessory that is an extension of your vehicle, where they fit directly on your wheel and elegantly match the line of the vehicle. One of the most popular cars in Australia is the Nissan Patrol. A lot of people do not know what fender flares do, which is subject to this article. They are an extension of the vehicle that fit directly over the wheel and is matched with the same body lines as the car. There are different types of Nissan Patrol fender flares on the market, but they are categorised in four categories.

Nissan Patrol Fender Flares

OE Style

The OE style is usually bought by people who want to upgrade the look of their vehicle, or sometimes to hide some damage. These are made by third-party manufacturers and offer more style than anything else. One thing to have in mind is that some of the OE style fenders require drilling on the vehicle, which is critical to remember if you want to install OE flares.


Even though there are different sizes, the street fender flares have a small profile than the previous style, offering the sleek and elegant look, while giving at the same time the needed protection for the wheel well and the fender, which is amazing. This is a great head-turner style, and it will protect your vehicle from different terrains.

Pocket Style

Pocket style is meant for people who only drive on roads. They offer you protection and very rugged and durable look. On the road, you can easily spot one, because of their bolted look. These flares have a lot of pockets, and each one of them is equipped with a bolt, giving an appearance that industrial look. However, you don’t have to worry, because they are only for looks, they can be installed without drilling, nevertheless, you will need to check that before buying one.

Extended Style

The final style you should consider for your Nissan Patrol fender flares style is the extended one. This style is meant for those who need a big extension and don’t care about the look of the vehicle. They are tough and make your truck look massive. However, they are not head-turners such as the pocket style. If you want to get the job done rightly or want to have an extended look, then this is the style to go without any doubt.


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