AT195: Three in One – Quality, Durability and Functionality

Do you like a constant temperature in your pool regardless if it is winter or summer? Well, friend, there is a way – water heater pump. I’ve been where have you been, I want to jump in the pool in June, without having too much trouble with the temperature. My friend Joe ( Hey Joe, you in my article and you are famous now), told me this practical solution. At first, I wasn’t totally convinced, but after the first and second try, well, I bough Joe three six-packs for the advice!

Finding the right water heater pump took me a while because I want to have all the right info on what makes a good water heater pump good. To spare you from the hassle from finding out yourself, I have decided to show you directly one of the best water heater pumps in Australia – introducing the AT195 ThermoSmart Heat Pump.

Heating Pumps

AT195 ThermoSmart Heat Pump

If you are looking for a great quality water heater pump then this pump is worth every penny. Not only the price and quality but additionally is backed by Australia’s best service network. The AT195 is best suited for spas, swim spas and pools that are round up to the amazing 70,000 litres. To run this mean steam water heating machine you will need a dedicated power supply so it runs at maximum capacity. Additionally, this pump can be installed in your exciting pool filtration system, or if you want to have separate ones, then a heating provisions with dedicated circulation pumps.

A high-quality heat pump at a great price, backed by specialist advice and Australia’s best service network. It has built-in dual stage timer to set run times, in a situation when you come home back from work and want to jump in the cosy pool at once.

On the market, there are other better water heat pumps, but they are more expensive to buy and their replace parts are way too expensive. However, with the AT195, you can be certain that in coming years you won’t have any problems. If by any chance there are, the retailers offer you a great bargain on spare parts, that will make your swimming heater as new again.

Searching for retailers can always be done through the internet. While searching for one it is good to visit their website and browse through all the pages. From that experience, you can judge whether the retailer is good, reliable and trusty. The next step is to contact them either by phone or email and see what kind of deal they can offer. That is the way I bought mine, with a great discount and reasonable warranty.

I can tell you from my experience, that this is the best investment I have done in my home. Now, every time I come back from work, whether is summer or winter, I can jump in the pool, relax and have a good time. If you are still thinking whether to invest or not, I think thanks to this article you have already made that decision.


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