Holistic Approaches Take Over: Herbal Supplements That Make the Cut

While many fitness enthusiasts associate supplementation with popular supplements such as creatine, whey and protein, few have heard about herbal supplements and their amazing health effects. Plants have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties for both medical and health purposes, so herbs are considered as some of the earliest supplements in history. In the past herbal blends were used to heal ancient warriors and athletes and restore their strength after battle. Nowadays, these natural supplements are available as powders, teas, pills and tinctures. Some of the most commonly used herbs in the world of fitness and bodybuilding include arnica, green tea, bilberry, dandelion, raspberry leaf, wild yam root, etc.Herbs of Gold

Which herbal product would work best for you will mainly depend on your fitness level and your specific body goals. Some supplements are used to improve the overall wellbeing, while other have more specific uses such as to help you lose weight, boost energy, speed up metabolism, remove fatty acids and so on. It’s important to mention that no herbal supplement will magically shred that extra fat off your body. Having a great exercise plan and eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for reaching your body. However, the right supplement can aid your weight loss regime by boosting your energy and supporting your immune system. For instance, olive leaf is know for its ability to provide powerful support to the immune system. This powerful antioxidant has been used in the past an antimicrobial remedy to aid in the treatment of cold, flu and various infections.

There are many manufacturers of herbal supplements on the market and a name that stands out among all of them is Herbs of Gold, a company dedicated to provide only the best herbal and nutritional supplements. The company was established back in 1989 by medical herbalist Kate Fraser and since then Herbs of Gold has work passionately to expand and improve its range of herbal products. Innovation is a driving force and the company is constantly developing new and improved ways of making herbal and nutritional products.

Only the best ingredients are being used in the production of supplements and Herbs of Gold are known for the holistic approach in the development of their products. Safety and efficiency are the main priorities and every ingredient is looked after with care, meaning that the products are manufactured following high standards to deliver optimum product quality. Herbs of Gold has a vast selection of products designed to help fitness enthusiasts reach their body goal through healthy and balanced nutrition. From vitamin and mineral blends designed to be used for a specific purpose, like muscle recovery or enhanced stamina to single-ingrediant products, such as the Herbs of Gold Cranberry 60,000 and Bromelian Forte.


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