OCAM Bonnet Protector Triton – Australia’s Best

Bonnet Protector Triton

With so many varieties on the market, there are dozens of options to customise your vehicle. Recently, the most popular one amongst Australian is the car hood covers that are also known as a bonnet protector. Car hood cover is the perfect accessory to self-express or it can be even a cost-effective way to advertise your business. One brand that is above all is the bonnet protector triton cover that is specialised for the Mitsubishi 4×4 vehicle. For that reasons, in this article, we will go through the best bonnet protector triton that is affordable, reliable and functional – OCAM Bonnet.

OCAM Bonnet, Headlight Protectors, Weathershields for Mitsubishi Triton MQ 15-16

First of all, the last couple of years OCAM Industries proved that their bonnet protector guards are the most innovative protectors in the market, so you will protect your hood from stones and other debris that can be found on the road. These protectors are so well-built that they keep the insects from splattering your wind shield and saving you a lot of money. This protector is produced from a very tough and modified acrylic that has great-lasting durability. Not only that, but the low-medium aerodynamic profile will make your vehicle very stylish. Without a problem and an ease, you will wash it without the fear of damage.

OCAM offers the best weather shields that have original look and creates fresh air enjoyment. They are built from the best materials and fastest installation. The main feature of this protector are: the protection that offers for the hod from stones; it deflects airflow while directing the insects and debris over the vehicle; each one is custom designed; the most usual finish is tint and dark; it has both aerodynamic appearance and function; it is moulded with tough and modified acrylic; car washing is safe and easy; no drilling which is really important for those do not want to damage their vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle in top condition is crucial for travelling in more demanding terrains and areas. This has never been easier than today. Thanks to the internet you can order dozens of accessories and make your vehicle more complete. For that reason, do not over think it, and invest in accessories such as the Bonnet protector Triton. Finding good quality custom built on protector is hard in Australia, however, with this article you can be certain that you will do the right decision.


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