Industrial Pallet Racks Explained

When running a warehouse, besides taking care of having the proper team of people who will give their best in order to make things work like they have to, having enough storage is one of the biggest concerns. This is because insufficient storage space for storing the goods will affect the workflow and the revenue. Consequently, having the proper storage is a must when running a warehouse regardless of its size.

By far, the most suitable and cost-effective solution for storing warehouse goods is warehouse racking system. Today, the number of storage facilities and warehouses that rely on industrial pallet warehouse racking system is constantly growing. They are perfect for both storage and distribution purposes and are ideal for storing lightweight and heavyweight products, as well as different types of equipment, parts and inventory.

warehouse solution steel racking

There are several types of warehouse pallet racks for storage and distribution:

  • Selective Pallet Racks

    They are the most common type of storage racks used in warehouses. Selective pallet racking systems have simple design, but they are available in different styles and brands that offer firm storage space to warehouses and many other storage facilities. What makes it so perfect is its easy access and its ability to use the whole free space in the warehouse.

    Selective pallet racking systems are usually used in warehouses, distribution centres, food storage centres, manufacturing, wholesale, retail.

  • Drive-In Pallet Racks/Drive-Thru Pallet Racks

    Drive-in or drive-thru pallet racking systems are the only models that offer high-density storage. They both give forklift drivers the opportunity to easily enter load bays to deposit and retrieve loads at any rack-depth. Both pallet racking systems are ideal for first-in-first-out FIFO operations, as well as for dealing with homogeneous products and high-throughput operations.

  • Structural Steel Pallet Racks

    If dealing with heavy-duty storage, structural steel pallet racking systems are the ideal solution. Its sturdiness is perfect for heavy-duty storage and they also have higher resistance to distortion and damage, as well as higher load tolerance. Structural steel pallet racks are made of extremely strong and durable steel frames that have bolted connections. As a tougher version of the standard selective pallet racks, the structural steel pallet racking systems can be used for drive-in/drive-thru, oparations.

Because of the large demand of pallet racking solutions, today we can buy from different pallet racking suppliers that come in a great number. However, only few of them can be considered reliable, thanks to their experience and product-quality.

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