Help Guide For Forklift Truck Operators

The forklift trucks are highly efficient machines which are generally used in warehouses for lifting and moving various heavy objects like pallets. What a human hand can do in few hours, a forklift truck can finish the job in just a couple of minutes. So, if you want to increase the work efficiency and save extra time, this machine is the right one. Special qualifications and skills are not required when operating a forklift truck, however operators should be trained and aware of all safety requirements before they enter the cab. Safety should be priority for everyone. If you fail to follow any of the safety rules, then you risk not only your own life but the life of the other people around. Here is a simple guide for a safe forklift truck operation:


  • It’s important to carry the loads as low as possible, so that you can clearly see everything around you. If the load is too high, you will not be able to see anything in front of you, so you might hit something that comes along the way.
  • The operator must use the handbrake of the forklift truck every time when raising or lowering the load.
  • Operators should easily turn the hydraulic controls on. If they do it too quickly, then the operation will be shaky and uncontrolled.
  • When lifting a pallet, the operators must position the forklift truck carefully and to center the forks exactly where the pallet is. That’s the best way to avoid overload.
  • Operators should not pick pallets when the mast is going back and forward. Thus, it’s important to always place the load against the heel of the fork arms in order to avoid overload.
  • The forklift truck operators should never lift load with only one fork. The loads should not stand above the top of the backrest extension, because the load can fall back or topple onto the operator.
  • A forklift truck is a one person vehicle, meaning that the operator should never bring another passenger with him, unless there is a special seat with a protective side rail.
  • The forklift truck should be used only on stable surfaces. Sloppy surfaces need to be avoided. If the truck is not in a stable position, it might tip over sideways and cause unwanted accidents. If you are carrying a bulky load that blocks your vision, ask someone to guide you when driving the forklift truck.
  • Forklift truck operators should never rely on the rear mirrors only. They should always look behind when going in reverse, and to use the horn to warn people around.

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