What To Know When Hiring Mobile Crane

The first challenge to resolve when considering about hiring a mobile crane is the form of hire that is needed. Crane rental is available in two different forms and which one you decide on depends on whether you have the insurance and know-how in place to meet present legislation. The two different ways of hiring a mobile crane are hired crane and contract lift.


Hiring crane is where the company is responsible for the insurance and the planning of the lift. The crane hire business must provide a safe, suitable crane along with a completely qualified driver. Contract lift is when the mobile crane operator is responsible for every element of the lift for example getting appropriate insurance, planning and providing appropriate workers and crane.

But, did you know that all lifts including a mobile crane must have:

  • a method statement or risk assessment carried out prior to any lift,
  • a qualified person in charge of the managing, and
  • adequate insurance cover for all workers involved, machinery, members of the public and for the items being lifted.

All rental mobile crane organizations need to follow certain laws and regulations in order to provide the quality and safe customer services. For the benefit of customers, the most of businesses will offer site visits, method statements, risk assessments and general mobile crane consultation. Many users identify their deficiencies in these industry areas and leave the complete lift to the crane rental business, from the planning to the lift completion, relying on a professional team of operators, managers, banksmen/slinger, crane supervisor and appointed persons.

Mobile crane fleets range from a lifting capacity of one to two hundred tones, which together with professional, fully qualified staff, enables cranes to tackle a big selection of work with ease and safety. These devices are frequently used in the engineering industry, the removal of fallen trees, lifting pianos to a fifth floor apartment, placement of equipment on roof tops and recovery of vehicles.

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