What Do You Need To Know About Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is a machine used for magnetic separation, which a process that includes dividing the magnetic materials from the non magnetic materials. This machine is composed of lower belt, upper belt, a fixed magnet assembly positioned inside the upper belt, a vibratory feeder and an adjustable divider for the magnetic material. The material passes between the two belts until the magnetic force pulls it up to transport it to the adjustable divider. The magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials move along different routes. The magnetic separation process is probably the best technique of removing unwanted metals from raw materials for processing. So, the magnetic separator has a huge role in many different industries.


The magnetic separator is widely used for separating all kinds of rigid and weak materials, such as titanic, magnetite, magnetite pyrite, ilmente, martite, siderite, manganese ores and many others. But the magnetic separator does not use only magnetic force, but the gravity force as well. The gravity force helps the non-magnetic materials to fall easily once they reach the end of the lower belt. Different materials require different magnetic separation machines. Weak magnetic separator is used for strong magnetic materials, such as titanic magnetite, magnetite and magnetite pyrite, while heavy-duty magnetic separator is used to upgrade the ore of weak magnetic materials, such as siderite, manganese ore, wolframite and others.

The magnetic separator has a significant use in many industries and fields. Its main use is in manufacturing, using the magnetic properties to separate the magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. This is essential for separating crushed ore at various stages of mining, mineral processing, metallurgy industries and iron production. Also, the magnetic separator is often used to remove materials with magnetic properties in the food processing industry. One unique use of the magnetic separator is in the microbiology, as many new methods are being developed regularly using it. The magnetic separator can be used for isolating rare cells, studying nano cells and diagnostic microbiology.

For capturing, removing and controlling magnetic materials from products and processing systems, there is a wide range of different magnetic machines the contractors can use. The magnetic separators come in many different size and capacities, all with efficient designs to meet the most applications and withstand all kinds of conditions. For more complicated applications, there are magnetic separators with special designs. Reliable and ease of operation, the magnetic separator has become the favorite separating tool among many operators.

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