The Importance of Safety Warning Tape & The Different Types

safety warning tape

I’m pretty sure that almost all of us at some point in life (if not every day) have seen a colourful tape pointing us that is forbidden to step a foot on the marked area. Usually, these colourful and sometimes shiny tapes can be seen laid down near swimming pools, in warehouses, on construction roads and even on high visibility areas. Even though today’s workplaces are modern and much safer than the early years, hazards of any kind are still a possible thing, thus a safety warning tape can come in handy. In fact, these tapes play an important role in ensuring the security and well-being of everybody. Generally speaking, there are different types of safety tapes and almost all of them have different backing material in order to make them capable of being applied to any surface be it plastic, metal, wood or cloths.

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape is the most commonly used type of safety warning tape these days and as the name itself suggests, it has a shiny reflective sheen that makes it easy to be seen.

Barricade Tape

Barricade warning tapes have one and only purpose and that is to seal off certain dangerous areas after there has been some sort of disaster, for example, a chemical spill or a traffic accident, however, it can also be placed as a warning to watch out for some sort of heavy machinery.

Hazard Tape

Another commonly used type of warning tape is the hazard one and is usually used for covering the floors, handrails, and steps of almost any factory. To be more specific, this type of tape is used to mark off unsafe places while acting as a guide to most people by forming lines in different colours that lead to a specified place.

Non-skid Tape

Coming in different width and length, this type of tape is not used for getting an attention, but the opposite, it is used to cover wet or slick surfaces in order to decrease the chances of anyone slipping.

Phosphorescent Tape

Phosphorescent tapes are similar to the reflective ones as they are used primarily to attract attention with its brightness. Unlike reflective, phosphorescent tapes are designed for poorly lit or dark places because they can glow in the dark.

Simply put, the primary goals of all these types of safety adhesive tapes are to attract the attention of anyone that sees them, in order to warn people about some sort of danger up ahead, as well as an extra measure to reduce the risks of accidents.


Ways to Create a Bedroom that Oozes Comfort & Positivity

white quilt covers


At the end of a long hard day, there is nothing better than lying down on your bed and just relax. In fact, bedrooms are invented for one purpose and that is to ooze relaxation and get your batteries powered up for the next day. Well, that is the main reason why you should be careful with the décor decisions related to this room. However, except for the décor pieces, you should also consider your partner’s wishes (if you have one) since the bedroom is the most divine place in the whole house for both of you. Thus, creating a balance, sacrificing personal wishes and making a compromise (precisely on the colour and the design) are the things you should decide on both. Waking up in a bedroom that oozes comfort and positivity is a great way to start the day. Let’s see what are the three important elements that will help you create a happy and cosy bedroom.

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How Can Your Business Benefit From an Emergency Generator

Every sensible business owner would invest wisely in protecting and preserving their company’s product and lifespan, from the small shop owner to the large firms both of which employ the use of many different electrical appliances. But what if there were a sudden black-out which are something that can happen at any moment in time.

For this reason many companies have employed the use of external generators for the express purpose of keeping their electrical machinery or appliances running while the black-out is underway. This is done so they would not lose progress on their work which could cut their bottom line in half if left unprepared (depending on the duration of the blackout). Continue reading

Cycle Helmet: The Only Way to Properly Keep Your Head Protected While Cycling

Cycling Helmet

A cycle helmet is an essential part of cycling gear. According to reports, thousands of bicycle injuries require emergency care every year. If you want to prevent becoming one of these statistics, you should always wear an adult cycle helmet while riding your bike.

This piece of cycling equipment helps protect one the most vulnerable parts of your body – your head. In addition to protecting your head from injury if you fall off your bike, a good adult cycle helmet also provides a balance of coverage, ventilation and comfort. Great measures have been taken by designers to improve the comfort level offered by this gear, and today, aside from being available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes, adult cycle helmets also come with a variety of padding that helps customize the internal fit and feel of the helmet.

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How to Make Your Living Room Cosier and More Functional

As the place reserved for socializing and spending quality time with your family and friends, the living room should reflect a pleasant and inviting ambiance, all while making the entire house more functional. A nice layout spiced up with cosy vibes is the main feature of stylish living rooms featured in interior design magazines. Every element has a dual purpose- to add function and make the space look and feel more comfortable. However, as one of the most used areas in the house, the living room can often get messy and disorganised. And few things can ruin the look of yours as poor organisation add to this bad décor and you get a room that looks anything but appealing. Continue reading

The Main Components That Make Up a Functional Solar Power System

The popularity of residential solar power systems has been on the rise, particular in the last few years and for very good reasons. They are easy to install, serve as clean and reliable source of electricity and can considerably reduce the costs of your household in the long run. The main purpose of a standard solar power system is to convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power a range of different household devices and appliances. To achieve this all the the different components that make up the solar power system should work properly and provide optimum performance and efficiency. All solar systems are made up of a few essential components: Continue reading