The Huge Importance of Power Line Clearances


Autumn is just around the corner and while this means we can finally get a break from high temperatures here in Australia, the colder weather will certainly bring rain and wind. Bad weather, especially strong winds can lead to accidents. Continue reading


Data Protection Why It’s so Important & How It Can be Done

The sensitive data used by companies for their processes, banking accounts, personal details, data and programmes that the company uses regularly. All of these are sensitive and can be compromised through one way or another, and protecting them from any potential malicious people attempting to steal the data to either steal from the company and the company’s clients which would lead to heavy losses. A number of specialized companies exist to help counteract any threats with special programmes, applications and training for a company’s employees. But without them one could still do many different things to protect their company’s data. Continue reading

Outback Adventure: 4 Modifications That Will Protect Your 4×4

Driving throught the outback is one Aussie adventure that every off-road enthusast wants to partake in at some point in their lives. The lush environments the outback offers are vast and vary greatly from sand dunes to large rainforests which are perfect for stress testing your 4×4. This is also the reason for the amount of Australians that use 4WD vehicles which can be used for camping or any other hobby throughout the nation. But before touring the outback with your 4×4 you should first look at its viability for such a task, this is because not all stock 4x4s are meant for rough off-road use.

The various 4WD vehicles used in Australia aren’t all viable for touring through the outback for an extended period of time either an entire week or a weekend warrior. You can upgrade and improve your vehicle through 4 specific modifications that won’t affect the performance of your engine but will ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements and road itself for the duration of any trip. The first of the 4 is the bull bar, which is the most popular and well-known as far as of road mods go. Bull bars are the complete protection of your bonnet, front bumper and engine by placing a large bar to stop any possible damage from animal attacks (kangaroos to be specific) and from the road if it gets too bumpy. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Smart Chargers

If you are just starting out in your RC hobby you are sure to run in to some problem regarding the maintenance and tuning of your miniature vehicle. But our main focus here will be the batteries, they are the life source of your car and it is very important to know how to properly maintain it, to make sure it lasts you a long time and that it is operating optimally. In almost all batteries instruction manuals you will find that it says that you should charge then discharge the battery completely, this is done so that the system knows what absolute 0% is and what 100% charged battery is.

If your RC vehicle uses a LiPo battery, because of their sensitive chemistry and maintenance requirements these types of batteries require smart chargers. What smart chargers do is, they monitor how much charge is left in the battery while charging, and make sure you charge it to its fullest potential before you use it. Their capacity usually hovers around 500mAh and their discharge rate is 50C. To avoid any discharge power from becoming a problem, smart chargers allow you to monitor and make sure your batteries are fully charged.

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Reasons why IT Support is Important for any Business

As technology keeps progressing at an ever increasingly faster pace, the role of the computer in both our everyday lives as well as in business management keeps increasing at a similarly rapid speed. Actually, the truth is that even though I say it’s role is spreading, for over ten years now there haven’t been many that have tried to manage their business without an entire network of computers, and for good reason. However, along with the progression of the different programs and specialized software that helps the user easily navigate and coordinate every aspect of their company or job, also come a number of different problems as well. These problems are the reason behind the increased necessity of the desktop support services that a lot of businesses are now using. Continue reading

The Basics of RC Modification

There are a lot of hobbyists in the RC community that are reluctant to modify their own vehicles for one reason or another. They should reconsider the idea since there are a lot of simple modifications that would improve the aesthethic and performance of the RC car. Performance mods are for everyone while aesthethic ones usually come down to personal taste since some hobbyists want their car look a certain way. However, there are some universal modifications, even those that have a certain look in mind for their car could use them to enhance the look even further. Continue reading